Boot camp

About Fit Elite Gym

Fit Elite Bootacmp programs has been designed to give your body the ultimate workout. Each training session integrates diverse and dynamic exercise regimes and innovative activities. The program is designed to physically and mentally challenge you on an individual and team oriented level. Fit Elite Bootacmp has been designed so that each challenge that you accomplish will take you another step closer towards improving your personal health and fitness, achieving your goals and continually accomplishing results. As the Fit Elite Bootacmp program is tailored to your needs, you will be placed into a team according to your level of health and fitness. Each team is coordinated by a Boot personal trainer, one of Ireland most unique personal trainers. Your personal trainer will provide continual motivation and support to get you to achieve your goals and more importantly accomplish results. The exercises and activities conducted in each Fit Elite Bootacmp training session will focus on enhancing: core stability, cardio, endurance, hypertrophy, strength and conditioning and toning. Each Fit Elite Bootacmp training session will comprise diverse activities and exercise, so that you can concentrate on enhancing the areas in which you wish to achieve maximum results.


Fit Elite Bootacmp members are everyday people just like you! People who want maximum health and fitness results are partaking in the Fit Elite Bootacmp programs. Participants enlisted in the Fit Elite Bootacmp program are of all different shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.

  • Water bottle
  • Towel Health and wellbeing equipment - e.g. asthma puffers

Please ensure that you leave all your valuables locked in your car. You can give your car keys to your Camp Leader, who will lock them away for you.

As the Boot Fit Elite Bootacmp training sessions vary in levels of physical exertion and incorporates the use of innovative equipment, it is essential that you are dressed appropriately, so that you can perform without any restrictions, to your maximum ability. It is recommended that you always wear supportive and sturdy running shoes and comfortable shorts or tights. Wearing appropriate attire will assist you to continually perform to he best of your ability and ensure that your body is completely supported throughout all of the Fit Elite Bootacmp activities. Female participants keep in mind that supportive sports bras are crucial for your comfort and body’s long-term wellbeing. As the training sessions will involve some high impact activities, wearing an ill-fitting sports bra will not only be uncomfortable, but can cause you permanent breast tissue damage.


Safety is our number one priority, as we take precautions necessary to ensure that every participant is safe, at all times. Fit Elite Bootacmp has meticulously designed and tested all of the exercises to ensure that they are completely safe and accommodate each individual participant. It is mandatory for each participant to complete a Road to Success, which includes a medical clearance checklist. In addition Fit Elite Bootacmp provides nutritional information and dietary advice to ensure each participant remains hydrated and replenished, before, during and after each training session.

Furthermore, Fit Elite Bootacmp encourages every participant to wear appropriate and supportive attire to each training session.


Fit Elite Bootacmp training sessions will commence whether the weather is adverse in condition or not. Fit Elite Bootacmp will contact you if any changes to the dates of your training sessions eventuate for any given reason. Fit Elite Bootacmp is able to accommodate its participants with an indoor venue in some locations if the weather does not permit, and, or during the colder months.






  • 6.00 per session
    No Saving

    Block of 1 Session

    Tuesday : 7pm

    Friday : 7pm

    Sunday : 10am