Fit Elite Bootcamp Strongman and Woman Competition On 22 April
28 February, 2017

Fit Elite Bootcamp Strongman/Strongwoman Competition is a contest of strength and endurance. Participants will compete in six challenges to earn the title of Fit Elite Bootcamp Strongest Man or Strongest Woman. A winner will be crowned in each division; light, middle and heavy weight male. Women will compete in an open class unless more than 10 women compete in the event. In that case, the ladies' category will be broken into Under 130 lbs. and over 130 lbs.

Farmers Walk
The weight will be lifted and carried up and down a 25 meter course for a total distance of 75 meters.

  • Men’s LW: 122 lbs per hand
  • Men’s MW: 172 lbs per hand
  • Men’s HW: 212 lbs per hand
  • Women’s under 130 lbs: 72 lbs per hand
  • Women’s over 130lbs: 102 lbs per hand

Clean and Press
Max weight 3 attempts, 30 sec time period per attempt.

  • Men’s LW: 175 lbs
  • Men’s MW: 195 lbs
  • Men’s HW: 225 lbs
  • Women’s under 130 lbs: 75/85 lbs
  • Women’s over 130 lbs: 85/95 lbs

Yoke 60
The weight will be carried down a 60 meter course with one drop allowed.

  • Men’s LW: 265 lbs
  • Men’s MW: 300 lbs
  • Men’s HW: 375 lbs
  • Women’s under 130 lbs: 165 lbs
  • Women’s over 130 lbs: 235 lbs

Medley: Tire Flip and Sled
A large tire is lifted and flipped over a 25 meter course. Once tire has been flipped over the 25 meter course, you then have to push a sled over the 25 meter course.

Tire Toss
Standard automobile tire toss, three attempts will be given for the best distance.

Sand Bag
Time will start when the first bag is lifted. Bags will be stacked on a pallet and will be carried and stacked on top of a flat stand. Once all bags are stacked on the stand athletes will return bags back to starting position.

Truck Pull
Athletes will have a 75 sec time limit and one attempt for the best time or distance.

*All events are subject to change

Each competition that athletes enter will earn the athlete points in the series and be accumulated into a ranking system of all athletes in their respective weight class.

Scoring as Follows:

  • 1st - 15 Points
  • 2nd - 10 Points
  • 3rd - 9 points
  • 4th - 8 Points
  • 5th - 7 points
  • 6th - 6 points

Registration is Open. For more information, call 0874553222 The Fee is €25/Competitor