Spin Classes

Are you an avid runner or walker? A spin class is a great way to mix-up your routine and challenge your body in a different way! You’ll get a good sweat going with the high energy vibe and invigorating music. Plus, spin classes burns calories quickly, provides a safe ride in the comfort of indoors, and is super fun! But if you’re nervous about hopping on a bike for your first spin class, we’ve got you covered with our beginner’s guide. Follow these seven tips and your first ride will be a breeze!

Get Started

All you need to get started on an exercise bike is comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. Wicking tops and padded cycling shorts can make your ride more comfortable. (I don’t wear padded shorts indoors, but lots of people do.)

Go High Energy

Hop on a specially designed stationary bike called a spin classes for a vigorous workout. As you pedal along, the instructor guides the class through a visualization of an outdoor workout. The pace and speed varies throughout the workout, sometimes requiring break-neck speed, and other times pedalling happens from a slow, standing position. The instructor will offer alternatives so you can adjust your intensity according to your own fitness level. A novice might participate in a cycling workout for 30 to 45 minutes, while a more advanced athlete could ride 60 to 90 minutes.

Know Your Cycling Math for Results

It’s a math equation: tension on the bike + cadence = results. Results may be calories burned, mph, power, heart, etc. Bottom line: play around with the load on the flywheel, vary your cadence and challenge yourself! I play movies in my class of biking like the Tour De France; it’s motivating to be watching the bikers!

Pedal in a Pair

It’s great to bring someone with you. Pick a friend who is just starting like you or ask one of your seasoned spinning friends if you can come along. Most likely they will make you feel comfortable and welcome.

Find the Right Instructor for You

Tune In To Music Magic

Nothing makes or breaks a spin class like the music. Find an instructor that plays the music you love to release your endorphins and make you want to work hard. I teach spin classes  and I love dance music, top 40 and songs with driving bass beats. But some instructors will play 80’s rock or country…my worst nightmare. I always offer ear plugs in my class. I don’t play it too loud, but many of my age group friends (45-60 years old) – like the music a little softer and ear plugs are a nice option. Music is a motivator, especially in spin classes  because you aren’t using your arms and you aren’t dancing around or focusing on choreography. It’s just you, your bike, the music and your mind! So get your mojo going. Music can be the big differentiator! Hopping on an indoor bike gives you an opportunity to use different muscles, freshen up your routine, and do some cross training and burn calories faster. Now get pedalling!


It’s important to stay hydrated always! Drink plenty of water before, during and after your class. Bring your own, or water can be purchased from our vending machine at reception.


You wouldn’t drive your car without fuelling up – your body is no different. Make sure to eat a light snack 60-30 minutes before attending your class.


You are exercising so it helps to wear correct work-out clothing that you feel comfortable in. Footwear should be runners/trainers or cycling shoes with SPD clips. We recommend bright neon/white colours on top (optional) and form fitting pants or shorts on bottom.

The benefits
  • Increased fitness – Spin builds heart rate and lung capacity
  • Weight loss – Burn a minimum 600 to 1000 calories in just one hour
  • Improved body tone and general health
  • Abs workout – correct posture on the bike works the tummy muscles.
  • Increased energy – Releases endorphins for greater productivity
  • Help with lowering cholesterol
What can I expect?
  • A class for all ages and abilities, beginners welcome
  • A spin studio with cycles lined together so you can train with others
  • Variety with new music and motivational routines every week
  • Combination of strength, endurance, sprint and climbing work
  • Option to work at your own pace and still enjoy being part of the class
  • A safe, focused, fun environment
  • Cool-down and stretch session to round off every class

*depending on availability

You can mix and match and jump and change your class times with our class packages.

  • 6.00 per session
    No Saving

    Block of 1 Session